• Welcome to the Cloudiway Helpdesk Portal
    The following mandatory information applies to all Customers & Partners visiting this Helpdesk Portal. 
    Cloudiway Helpdesk has strict regulations and handles one issue per ticket. 
    Any additional requests will not be processed and closed. 

    Support teams need to be able to quickly resolve the problem to ensure risk is eliminated before it has an adverse impact on end-users.
    Please provide as much details as possible about your issue;
    - Your login name on Cloudiway Platform
    - A user or site impacted (source email Address, site name or URL,...)
    - File name and folder name
    - Mail or Calendar item impact (subject, date, folder,...)

    Examples to help you submit a ticket: 

    -       If  permissions are missing, please provide the name of one missing permission to search in the logs why it’s not migrated.
    If appointments are incorrect, please provide one appointment by subject name and date to analyse its metadata.
    If mails are missing, please provide one email example in a given folder to search it in the logs and in the defined mailbox.

  • What can we help you with?
  • Support information

    Additional support packages can be purchased at any time giving you access to our full support services

    • 8 hours support pack
    • 1 hour support pack

    Migrating from a system to another one is always a complex task because it requires a lot of configurations in the two systems and a very high attention on network reliability. Cloudiway services are not mandatory. However, we strongly encourage you to buy consulting services if you are using Cloudiway Platform for the first time

    • 2 hours of support + 6 hours of services (Service monitoring)

    Please contact our sales department here to get an accurate price quote for your project.

    Severity 1 - CRITICAL
    Critical production issue affecting all users/migration, including system unavailability.

    Severity 2 - NORMAL 

    Major functionality is impacted or significant performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major functionality. 

    Severity 3 - LOW

    Low System performance issue or bug affecting some but not all users. 

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Please contact our sales manager at sales@cloudiway.com to get prices or set a POC.
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